To continue the legacy of providing a variety of snacks to our loving consumers we have developed. New Super Rings– which is soft on the bite, Along with Specially developed flavors, crafted to provide an explosion of taste

Kracklite Toasted Chips

Introducing light and fun shaped,crunchy chips,deliciously seasoned with savoury herbs & classic salt.


From the ever popular Cashew, Pista and Almonds flavours, to the Classic Butter flavour, to the recent-rage Coconut flavour to the exotic Coffee or Ginger flavours, Relish has it all! Add to this, all of Relish comes with the goodness of Oats - so now, eat tasty, and feel healthy!


Baked not fried Savory bite size crackers with exotic flavors to tingle your sense, makes Snackits an anytime Snack.


Innovation at its best- Digestive biscuits infused with the goodness of Oats, richness of Nuts with added Pre-biotic.


The perfect companion for your hot beverage, enjoy the new Caramel Biscuits with your Coffee and Tea at any time of the day.


Ghalia, the delightful heritage brand most Omanis have grown up with, will now be available in completely new avatar - completely revamped taste and flavour, packaged in beautiful and classy design. Ghalia just got a whole lot better!


An absolute delight for our young fans
Tiffany Cocozoo contains the rich taste of chocochip cookies in fun and exciting bite sized animal shapes!

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